Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia | 3218 Chamberlayne Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227 | 804.213.0412


The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia (CBFVA) is a community of Baptist Christians and churches walking together and drawn toward the center of our common life in Jesus Christ. We share this fellowship with God, whom we have come to know through Christ. We serve as co-laborers with the Holy Spirit in God’s mission.


Our mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission. CBFVA hosts mission immersion experiences to encourage your congregation to engage in God's mission at home and around the globe. Connect with the ministries of CBFVA that you are most passionate about. Then, join God and others in transforming the world.


Ministries exists to strengthen congregations through enhancing the leadership of clergy and laity. We resource congregational leaders in order for these to discover and fulfill their God-given calling of being the presence of Christ in their congregations, their communities, and their larger global contexts.